Architectural Design
“Some people look for a beautiful place, while others make a place beautiful ”. At EDGIN we offer integrated home design solutions and space planning to you and so that your dream blueprint come alive.

How We Perform

Based on the site analysis , we try to transform ordinary  spaces to extraordinary ones with professional services and present it to clients honouring deadlines and personalized design according to client requirements from planning to execution.


Client consulting

Client discussions regarding requirements and tastes.


Detailed Costing

Providing detailed break up quote of the design for construction and interior.


Concept Design

Ideation & concept designing with detailed space planning.


Project Scheduling

Preparing a detailed schedule of the project implementation considering the clients requirements.


Elevation & Landscape design

Design the front and the side views of the project in 3D including the landscape.


Construction & Interior detailed drawing

Providing detailed working drawing for both interior and Exterior.